Friday, November 10, 2006

The work continues

Been playing around with some small changes to the player A.I today so that the players' react a bit more realistically. Think I've finally got it how it should be now.

This weekend we're also going to be working on another update which will see quite a big change to the goal celebration routine. When you score, a large screen will appear in the play area called the "Player Cam". It will show a large 3D version of the player doing his goal celebration. We might also adjust this code so we can include a "Streaker Cam"!

We haven't done a big release for the game yet as there's a few things we want to change first. Hopefully the next version will be out early next week. In the meantime though, everyone can help us out by downloading the demo and giving us some feedback. We want to know your thoughts on the gameplay in general, player A.I and any bugs you may spot. Also, anything you think would be cool to add to the game at this stage.

The demo can be downloaded at

and you can get in touch with us from our Contacts page at

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