Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ice Ice Baby!

Work continues on the new Ice pitch. It's pretty much complete but I'm not too sure about the surrounding area of the pitch.
Addictive Football Ice Pitch - Click to Enlarge
Anyway, it's quite good fun on ice as the ball rolls a lot more and a lot further which means you end up chasing it a lot more. I did have it with the players control being "slippy" but it became too frustrating to play - even for me!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

PC Advisor Cover Disk

Addictive Football has made it onto the front cover DVD of PC Advisor (Issue 140)- hurray!

You can see the logo on the left hand side of the screenie below:
Addictive Football on the cover DVD of PC Advisor

So, I've picked up a copy and checked to see which version they've included. Unfortunately, they've used version 1.4 which means no after-touch, no new menus, no improved A.I etc, etc. As magazines are printed and prepared so many months in advance this is bound to happen.

It's great to get it on the cover DVD though. If you're a PC Advisor reader then I suggest you get the latest version of Addictive Football (v1.6) HERE

Liverpool V Everton - Addictive Football Style!

Just for fun I've used the Team Name and Player Editor and setup a game between Liverpool and Everton. I played as Liverpool and the CPU is Everton. The YouTube link below shows the whole game with an unexpected result.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Nag, nag, nag, nag, nag!

Made some changes to the nag screen in the demo version of the game today.

Nothing too spectacular, but I thought that the screenshots on the final nag screen didn't really show what the player was missing out on in the full version. So I added a couple more screenies showing things like the trophies, indoor pitch and some of the league style/results tables.

Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Addictive Football - Trophies
Addictive Football - Indoor Pitch
Addictive Football - Results

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Addictive Football v1.6

The new version of Addictive Football (v1.6) has just been uploaded.

The new changes are:

* Bug fix to do with re-define keys and menu switching.
* New background for Edit Team Name screen.
* Complete re-design of Team Info page. Each team now displays some stats as a percentage to do with running speed, ball skills etc.

Team Info Page re-design. Click to Enlarge

Get the new demo version HERE

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gnade Games Review Addictive Football

Well, Addictive Football has had another great review. This time by Gnade Games.

The full review can be read HERE but heres some quotes:

"This game definitely delivers in the addictive department and is VERY fun against a friend. It totally took me back a decade playing my friends in similar games at each others houses every weekend"
That was what we were hoping to achieve with the game. . .

"4 types of pitches, 10 teams, and 5 different gamemodes. The best of all of this is the Custom mode which allows you to set the skills of your own players and create your own team."
A lot of people say the Custom Game Mode is their favourite . . .

"Ah the simplicity of the 16-bit era, Controls are simple: pass, shoot, and move- and work well. The goalies are smart and surprisingly adept. Easy to pick up and play and great with a friend."
Again, this was the main aim of the game - easy to pick up and play and not taking itself too seriously . . .

"I would've liked to see a little more fantastic and fun an Ice themed Stadium or Lava and whatnot."
Expect some new fun pitches very soon :)

The final verdict on the game was a cool 79%

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I've been busy, honest!

Been a bit slack with posting any info about Addictive Football lately. It's just that there hasn't been anything to post about!

There will be a new build, probably next week. I've found a small bug to do with the menu screens and the re-define key option. It's not exactly show-stopping but nice to clean it up.

There may also be a few other smaller changes in version 1.6 to do with the menus. We may also be adding an icy pitch to the game which should make for fun and games when playing. Not sure if that will appear in the next version or not yet.

Anyway, we're still alive and work is continuing. Don't forget about our Price Rise Bonanza either. There has been 6 price increases so far and Addictive Football is currently up to $9.95.

Be quick before the price rises again and Buy Addictive Football Now before it gets back up to it's normal price.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Price Rise Bonanza!

Addictive 247 are pleased to announce the Price Rise Bonanza!

At the moment the prices of all our games (including Addictive Football) are at a stupidly low price, however, they won't stay that way and will now start to increase in price. The question is when will they increase and by how much?

More info at

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