Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I've been busy, honest!

Been a bit slack with posting any info about Addictive Football lately. It's just that there hasn't been anything to post about!

There will be a new build, probably next week. I've found a small bug to do with the menu screens and the re-define key option. It's not exactly show-stopping but nice to clean it up.

There may also be a few other smaller changes in version 1.6 to do with the menus. We may also be adding an icy pitch to the game which should make for fun and games when playing. Not sure if that will appear in the next version or not yet.

Anyway, we're still alive and work is continuing. Don't forget about our Price Rise Bonanza either. There has been 6 price increases so far and Addictive Football is currently up to $9.95.

Be quick before the price rises again and Buy Addictive Football Now before it gets back up to it's normal price.

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