Friday, November 24, 2006

Addictive Football v1.2

Just uploaded version 1.2 of Addictive Football. The demo can be downloaded Here

In this version we've added the following:

* Names appear above players' heads during the game. Can be turned off from the Options menu.
* Player Name Editor. Allows you to rename each player in every team.
* Improved A.I.

In the demo version you can have a look around at the Name Editor but you can't save or make any changes. This is only available in the full version.
Screenshot of the Name Editor can be found Here

We're also offering a 15% discount off Addictive Football for the good folk who read this blog.
Just go to the purchase page and click on the Buy Now button. Near the bottom of the actual purchase page there will be a box called "Discount Code". Your discount code is UPM000X4.

This offer is available until Thursday 30th November 2006. So be quick to take advantage of it.

As always, all feedback would be appreciated

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