Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Addictive Football Demo . . .

. . . is not ready yet!! Sorry that's just plain cruel :)

The build of the demo version has started as feedback on the last test version has all been good. A couple of minor little hiccups have been fixed but nothing major. The game seems solid enough for us to go ahead and release.

I always get nervous at this point. I hate building demos and Addictive Football seems to be a tricky beast. It's hard to know what to include and what to leave out. Most demos leave the player hooked and then end the demo, which is a lot easier to do with say a platform game than a football game.

I'm doing the usual thing like cutting out the number of teams you can play with etc but I think it makes the game look kind of ugly now. I think I'm just used to seeing the game in it's complete state. It seems mean to now rip it apart and leave a few scraps in the demo. Anyway, work on this butchery continues and I'm hoping to get it in a "happy" state by tomorrow.

Another problem I've had over the last few days is the massive amounts of ideas I've had for the game. The engine is solid enough and we could just keep adding to it but then the game would never get released. It would be "feature creep" overload!! I've got a nice list of things which will eventually get added to the game.

Which brings me nicely to the old age question of . . . "When you release the game, is that it?" No chance matey is my reply!

Addictive Football is going to be a continuing project which will progress, improve and mature over time. Hopefully we can get a community behind the game which will keep fresh ideas rolling in as we strive to make Addictive Football the best 2d footy game after Sensible Soccer (Amiga version, of course)

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