Tuesday, November 14, 2006


What a boring title!

Still working on the next update which hopefully should be released tomorrow. The new version will include:

* Improved A.I - Seems like this will be an ongoing thing.
* Improved Goal Celebration - When you (or the CPU) score a large 3D version of your player is shown in the bottom left corner of the screen doing his goal celebration dance.
* Passing speed - The speed of the ball when passing has been increased slightly.
* Extra polish - Box outlining each score, Logo embossed into the ground of the Astro pitch, whistles when there should be one, better goal! and goal kick text
* Bug fixes - A few small bugs have now been fixed.
* View or Config keys - You can now view the keys or configure them from within the menus instead of going through the Options.

A big thanks to everyone so far who has given us feedback on the game. It really is appreciated. If you want to help out then please download the demo at http://addictive247.fileburst.com/addictivefootballdemo.exe and contact us with your thoughs by using our contact info at http://www.addictivefootball.com/contact.htm

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