Sunday, October 29, 2006

Last minute changes

Over the weekend I've been playing around with changing the passing routine within the game to make it more realistic and playable. At the moment when you press the pass key the code will try and pass to the nearest player to you. This worked out pretty good but did have it's drawbacks in that you could end up passing back towards your own end if you were running up field.

So, what I've done is for the new pass routine to work out which one of your players' is nearer to the goal you're going for and then make a pass in his direction. This also means that the power of kick for the pass has been increased so that nice long balls can be played. So far it's working out much better but I still need to tweak it a bit.

I've also been adding some more polish to the game and have added sound effects in for when the ball bounces off ad boards or goal posts etc. It's amazing how such a small change like that can really make a difference.

All the detail for every pitch type is now complete (hurray!). I thought we'd never get the concrete pitch looking right but it looks fine now.

Also got the domain which will be the official home for the game along with the Addictive 247 website. Just got to build the bloody site now and try and get the game finished!

Will we release the game this week??

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