Monday, October 02, 2006

Joystick, Keys or CPU??

Loads of fun today as I've had to re-design some of the menu screens. I'd originally set it so that Player 1 could use the keyboard to play but no Joystick option and Player 2 could only use the joystick but no keys! How stupid is that!!

So now on the menus you can select to play using the keys, joystick or set your player to be CPU controlled. This works for both player 1 and 2. I've also added a configure keys menu for both players' so people can use their own key combos.

A few other stupid little bugs have been fixed. Basically, it's been a day filled with stupidity!

I've also increased the distance from the goal that the CPU controlled teams will shoot from. Previously they were shooting so close to the goal that the goalie had a chance to close the angle down, therefore saving the majority of them. Now the CPU teams can shoot further out making it much more realistic.
Both team goalies are computer controlled even if you're controlling one of the teams. I suppose this is down to my personal preference in footy games as I hate having to control the keeper as well as my own team. It also means that if you lose a game you can always blame the goalie - as in real life :)

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