Thursday, October 12, 2006


The latest edition of The Arsecast has now been released. Check it out Here. Addictive Football also gets a mention :)

Sent out another beta test the other day but then realised there was a bug to do with the players' running speeds. No matter which team you selected the players' all ran at the same speed! Which didn't make it fun at all. I fixed the problem and a new build was sent out.

The game is now nearing completion - hurray I hear you cry! I've now added a "Team Information" page which gives some info so you can work out which teams are good and which aren't so good. I was dead against showing stats for each team as I think it makes it too easy to select the good teams to play as. Instead there is a bit of text describing each team which contains some clues as to how good they are. Much better than having some individual status bars or scores out of 10.

Phil has also just completed the graphics for the different cups and medals that can be won. They look fantastic! We just need to do slightly smaller versions of them so they can appear in the Trophy Cabinet. Next we're concentrating on getting all the pitch details correct and including the spectators/crowd. Busy, busy, busy!

One of my friends, who is also a beta tester, wanted an addition to the game that included tanks, guns and lots of blood! Basically he wants the game to be Speed Ball 2. It's funny that he mentioned it though as I was thinking of re-using parts of the engine and maybe doing some kind of Speed Ball style game. Definately something to think about, although there won't be a Death Match mode to Addictive Football anytime soon!

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