Monday, October 16, 2006

Crowd Detail and Streakers!

Today I'm working on the crowd detail around the sides of the 4 different pitch types. Phil has supplied me with some small people graphics of varying sorts. As it's meant to be a Sunday League 5-a-side game and not a Premiership match the crowds will be a lot smaller. The indoor pitch will be the most detailed as there are stands on both sides of the pitch.

For the outdoor pitches there's also people stood there with dogs and stuff like that. Much more realistic. Not all the members of the crowd are static either. Some will actually follow the game and will look where the action is.

Last night I also added Addictive Football's first streaker! I've named her Jennie, for no particular reason. She appears in the indoor pitch and runs along the side line being chased by a much slower policeman/security guard. Streakers will appear when certain conditions are met so you might not see them in every match you play. The first streaker is a very simple one but I should have others running all over the pitch causing havoc. I'm not sure whether the game play should pause when a streaker appears or if the game should continue - need to test it out really.

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