Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sensible Soccer 2006

Got this over the weekend for the PC and fired it up last night. As I'm not a big fan of 3D football games my wife thought it was strange for me to buy it. I call it research!

I don't know what I was expecting. Maybe an option to play the original version rather than me dragging out my Amiga or Mega Drive. But no, it was all in 3D (obviously!). I played a few games and it's ok but it just isn't Sensible Soccer. Maybe I need to devote a lot more time to playing it or maybe I should just leave my Mega Drive set up.


Roman Budzowski said...

I was disappointed by Sensible Soccer 2006 too. Mainly because I was not able to play it due to too high gfx requirements. Man, if you develop a game that has so "shitty" graphics how can you set system specs so high. I can play FIFA 2006 so why I can't play SS2006? When your main feature is gameplay I don't mind lower quality graphics and when it's lower why there is a need for higher end gfx cards?

I loved SS on my AMIGA.

madmac said...

I was suprised by the high gfx requirement also. They should have just re-done the game in 2D in my opinion but then again all the kiddies would have complained! You just can't beat the original for gameplay.