Monday, July 31, 2006

and now for the graphics

That's right Addictive 247's resident graphics artist is now getting down and dirty with the graphics for Addictive Football. The game is still no where near complete but it's time for Phil to step in and work his magic. The first designs he did for the player sprites were a bit too realistic so we're going for the classic big head cartoon look now.

Phil's worked on all the graphics for Addictive 247 since around 2003. If you want to see some examples of his work then head over to Addictive 247 Games. Some great examples are Coin World and Baby Boom II. As work on the graphics has started we should have some screenies to show off soon enough - hurray!

Away from the graphics side of things I'm currently coding one of the Knockout Cup menus. In the game the player will have the choice of playing either a Friendly or competing in one of the Knockout Cups. So far there are 3 Knockout Cups to play. Each one is slightly more difficult with tougher teams to beat along with more teams in each competition. I'm not sure at this stage if the player should be able to play in any Knockout Cup or if they should have to progress from the easier stages up to the tougher ones - some thought needed on that one me thinks.

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Martin said...

I think users should be able to choose the difficulty level, either by choosing a better opponent or by choosing a skill level (beginner, medium, advanced etc..)

Good luck and looking forward to the graphics, although it'll probably take pretty much time.