Saturday, July 22, 2006

Red Card! Not a chance!

Even though Addictive Football will follow the five-a-side rules of football there will be no fouls in the game. What!! I hear you cry.

In the actual game of football I'm sick to death of players' diving, rolling on the floor and holding their heads as though they've been hit by a rather large hammer. They are killing the game and slowing it down. Whatever happened to football being a fast, skillful game.

So, to right all that's wrong in the modern game Addictive Football will probably be one of the fastest games you'll play. There are two keys you need apart from the direction keys (1) Z for passing to nearest player and (2) X to shoot. That's it! You can't go sliding into your opponents player and take his legs just as he's about to score, you'll basically have to play a skillful game of football for the length of the match. Also, as it's 5-a-side rules it's played in an enclosed pitch, no offside and no throw-ins.

I'm sure I'll get a lot of emails from players' saying that you should be able to slide tackle your opponent - tough! If you want to get the ball off an opposing player then you're going to have to work a lot harder than just pressing a key. Don't fancy it? then go off and play FIFA Street with all the other kiddies!


Martin said...

Hi Marc!

Great to see some more info about your football game. I'm curious about how the game looks (and plays). Maybe you could at least post some screenshots? Or maybe even a beta download.

I'm also curious about how you're gonna market the game.

Anyway, success during development.
I know it is not easy to make a football game.


madmac said...

Screenshots will be posted soon enough but our graphics artist hasn't got his hands on the game yet so we'll post them when the games looking much better.