Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lets start at the beginning . . .

If you've read the top of the side-bar you'll get the general idea of what this blog is about - It's about a Football game. Not a Soccer game, a Football game. A good old fashioned British football game based on the 5-a-side rules and featuring a number of made up pub teams.

Now this isn't some fancy 3D style affair with real players names, the ability to adjust the camera angle, controls as tough (and ugly!) as Wayne Rooney and so many front-end menus that you get pissed off and throw the game away before you even get to the kick-off!

Nope, Addictive Football is a simple game that everyone can play. With minimal controls and minimal menu screens. It's how the great football games of yesteryear were - Sensible Soccer (the original Amiga version!) and Kick Off are the inspiration.

I'll post more details and the all important screenshots as progress is made. The actual core football game engine is almost complete or will be in the next day or so. It's then time to tweak, tweak, tweak and tweak some more.


Juuso - Game Producer said...

Sensible Soccer! That brings me memories... put newsletter list on so I can subscribe & hear when game is done.

Good luck with the project!

madmac said...

If you want you can subscribe to the Addictive 247 Games Newsletter at which will give all the latest news (and other stuff) about the game.