Monday, September 11, 2006

Grass and Concrete Pitches

So here's a couple of screenshots showing the new pitch types. The first one is the grass pitch. Ignore the green surrounding areas for now as these will have advertising boards, crowd etc in the final version.

Addictive Football - Grass Pitch. Click to Enlarge

The screenie below shows the concrete outdoor pitch. Originally it was going to be grey (like the surrounding area) but it works much better with a sandy style red. Again, a lot of detail needs to be added to the surrounding areas.

Addictive Football - Concrete Pitch. Click to Enlarge

I'm also doing some work on the menus and so that it isn't too cluttered there will be 2 menu screens to go through for the Friendly and Custom game modes. Having the Team select, control select, match length and pitch type on one screen was just too much. Now the player selects the team and control on one menu and the match length and pitch type on another.


Anonymous said...

Is this the final size of the field? It looks pretty small to me. Maybe possible for indoor, but too small for outdoor I think.

Just my 2 cents.

madmac said...

No, all the screenshots have been reduced in size. At normal size the pitch is of a good size in comparison to the size of the players.