Friday, September 29, 2006

Fun and Games!

Spent the best part of half a day chasing a bug which I thought was to do with the load/save game code. When playing one of the Knockout Cups the game wouldn't let you progress past the first team that you played. It kept on selecting the team for a replay which can only happen if you draw with them. Turns out it had nothing to do with the code but an old button that was hiding behind the "next game" button. If you clicked Next Game it thought you wanted a replay!! I need to keep on top of things now and remove any old code/graphics that are no longer needed.

I also need to speak to Phil about re-designing the pitch side graphics for the concrete pitch. There's a bit too much grey and red colouring going on which makes the play area look kind of busy and detracts the eye. Should be a simple change.

The indoor pitch is almost complete apart from members of the crowd and the advertising boards for the grass/astro pitches are in but are blank at the moment while we think of what to advertise on them. I think it will look quite boring if we just advertise Addictive 247 and Addictive Football, so we're going to do some rip-off names of famous brands or stores. Should be fun :)

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