Monday, September 04, 2006

Custom Game

Well we're still no further on with the graphics as our graphics guy Phil has been ill over the last few days - get well soon Phil! (we need them graphics!)

As all of the team attributes are set by variables I had a great idea yesterday that it'd be cool if you could design a custom team and then a custom opponent and then battle it out on the pitch. Settings such as player speed, passing ability, shot power, shooting ability etc, etc could all be set with little sliders on a Custom game menu. You could then do the same for an opponent, pick your match length and pitch type and away you go! This would also be useful as people could set up a really bad computer opponent and then practice against them.

Had to go out on the weekend and buy another game pad as I can't find my other one. I just bought a basic 4 button one from GAME which is good enough for testing the pad support within Addictive Football. A friend who came over on the weekend complained that he got beat by the computer opponent because he hated playing with the keys. It had nothing to do with the large quantities of ale we were drinking though! The game plays well on a pad but my personal preference is still the keys.

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