Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Future of Football . . .

. . . could look like this:
Addictive Football Futuristic Pitch 1 - Click to Enlarge
The two diamond shape structures in the screenshot are actually obstacles which you can boot the ball off. You can also run round and around them and try and shake off an attacking player! Great fun when playing against a friend, which should annoy the hell out of them.

Addictive Football Futuristic Pitch 2 - Click to Enlarge
The screenshot above shows the new goal area. The two warning lights at the bottom of the screen start flashing red when a goal is scored.

The new pitch designs are currently being tested and will appear in the next build of the game. I think the design of the actual pitch still needs a bit of tweaking but version 1.7 might be out this week, if all is well.

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