Monday, February 12, 2007

Addictive Football v1.7 Released

We've just uploaded v1.7 of Addictive Football. The new version includes the following:

* 2 new pitches to play on - Ice and Futuristic. The Ice pitch is obviously icy and the ball rolls a lot further. The futuristic pitch is a new design which includes obstacles that you can boot the ball off and new goal areas.

* Rating display for each team on the Team Select screens. Represented by a horizontal bar underneath the kit design. This makes it easy to see which teams are better than the others.

* Improved A.I. In older versions the computer opponents stuck to you like glue. The A.I has now been improved to be more realistic.

* Menu screens have been tarted up a bit.

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The new demo version of the game can be downloaded at

The full version can be purchased at

As always, all feedback welcome :)

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