Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bend it like Beckham

Currently working on some code for the game which will give you the option of applying after-touch to a shot. If you don't know what after-touch is, it basically allows you to curve the ball slightly to the left or right when a shot is taken.

This was one of the features suggested by a number of people who completed the Addictive Football Survey.

If you haven't filled the survey in then please do go to the link above and give us your feedback. As a thank you we'll give you a 15% off discount code for any of our games.

The after-touch code seems to be working pretty well so far but some more tweaks are still needed. We're also going to include the option so you can play with it on or off. This new feature will be added to the next build of the game which should be released before Christmas.

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