Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Addictive Football v1.5

Another update and quite a big change to the game.

We've now included after-touch so you can bend the ball - great for putting the ball past the keepers. It only bends the ball slightly but it's just enough.

The pitch size for the grass and concrete pitches has been increased in width slightly. They originally looked a bit narrow. The astro and indoor pitches are unaltered.

The goal kick has also been improved. If you use the Shoot key to take your goal kick (boot it upfield) the ball will grow in size to show height and will go much further than before.

New demo version can be found at

If you like the game it can be purchased from

Also, don't forget to play the demo and then fill in the Addictive Football Survey. By sending it to us you can receive a 15% off discount code which can be used on any of our games.

We'd love to get your feedback on the new improvements to the game so please post your comments here or send us an email.

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